Every Day Generosity



We invite you to join us in our movement of every day generosity! Each and every act of generosity matters, and helps change the lives of others! Whether it be rocking out with our worship teams, donating and transporting goods to the shelters, serving with volunteer teams on the weekend, using text-to-give, or dropping some dollars into the offering bucket, it's worship. Each act of service and financial gift is worship, that truly bring us all closer to our Creator!

Thank You

In Proverbs 3:9, we are taught to honor the Lord with the “first fruits” of all our increase.

Whether you are a first-time giver, or a reoccurring supporter, we want to say “Thank You” for your contribution. We do not take any donation for granted, as we are grateful for every seed that is sown into the ministry at Gateway Church. May the Lord bless you for being part of furthering His kingdom through your giving!

Benefits of Online Giving


Online giving provides the ability to schedule a one time, or recurring, contribution on the date that is specified by you. This will help ensure that your first fruits are made a priority, rather than becoming an afterthought. God deserves our best, not our leftovers.


Take the “guess work” out of it. With recurring online giving, you won’t have to wonder if you already gave for month. And when it comes to traveling, you’ll no longer have to worry about planning your giving around the times you’re out of town.


It’s a common misconception that online giving is not secure. We believe the opposite to be true. Online giving is a more secure way to give. This is because an electronic gift cannot be lost/stolen. Furthermore, you, yourself, are the one entering your information online. It never passes through the hands of another. When giving a hand-written check, or filling out a giving envelope with your credit card information, there is the chance of your information being lost/stolen.

No Distractions

Rather than filling out your check, or credit card contribution envelope, during the worship service, you can instead be fully engaged and present during worship, knowing that your gift has already been given.


What is the difference between an ACH and Credit/Debit Card?

ACH contributions come from directly from your bank account and cost us 0% in fees. Credit/Debit Card contributions cost us 3% in processing fees. So, by giving via ACH, your full contribution goes towards doing the work of ministry.

Can I make a one-time contribution online?

Yes. The system allows you the option of either making a one-time contribution, or setting up a recurring contribution. One-time, and recurring, contributions can be scheduled to come out of your bank account, or charged to your credit card, on the date(s) specified by you.

Can I change my personal information, amount, and frequency of my gift once I have set it up?

Yes. You can make changes to your contribution at any time before the date of your next contribution. Simply log into the system using your username and password and make the changes you desire to make.

Will I still receive end of year contribution statements from Gateway Church?

Yes. We will send out year-end contribution statements to the email address that we have on file for you. By request, we can also mail this same contribution statement to the address we have in the church management system for you.

Can I designate my gift to a particular cause or fund?

Yes. You can designate your gift toward tithes, offerings, missions, etc. At times, we may also add additional options that you can give toward, such as special events.

I am praying that you will put into action the generosity that comes from your faith as you understand and experience all the good things we have in Christ. - Philemon 1:6